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Из книги 12 floors_lower. Автор: Джафар Агаев (sevius)


The door opened and a doctor entered the room saying:

“Anna Nikolaevna, we have transferred him to another ward. He had startled Ludmila Plavlovna so hard, that she refuses to watch the ward”.

“What happened?”, Lena said. “He is just lying there”.

“That’s a matter! He is not just lying there”, the doctor said. “Last morning a girl has been transferred to that ward, the one with her hair red like sun, but rundown with head injury. We have connected to her to the gear placed near him, and the cot we have placed between bed boxes as well”.

”So?” Lena said edgily.

“So, Ludmila says: “I heard a strange rustle, which meant someone has finally awoke, time to release him. I switched on the light, and I saw her and him offering their hands each other. They were holding hands like grasping each other. That was awful, but what do I know? Anything's possible. I came closer. No changes on their gears. I’ve Adjusted their blankets, drop bottles. I sat down, not getting a wink of sleep. I was sitting there for half an hour in the light, and then I decided to have a smoke. I went out to see the beautiful starry arch. I came back and became pale. They were holding hands again. Quite how I’m an Iron Lady, but even my courage has limits”.

“That's the mess we are in here. That’s why he has been transferred. There are older persons, and no one to be after”

The doctor gave a chuckle and left the office saying: “Do you really think that there is something beyond the border, which can tear our certificates apart?”

Anna Nikolaevna and Lena exchanged glances saying nothing.


They told me about you. I know that you allow yourself lying in the boat, without thinking about where it is going, being busy dealing with the sky. Talking to anyone you find or those who you act as a magnet for. That is because you don’t care about the boat, or sea or stream. You put forth advisedly, meeting those who needs you and trying to change something in their fates. You didn’t ask yourself who you are, did you?

I considered the question, remembering my childhood, more truly some fragments of it and answered:

Nope, but I’ve always been feeling like a trouble for alive-beings or not alive, I don’t know.


All-out Ludmila Pavlovna entered the room, sat down the cot and saluted.

Lena and Anna Nikolaevna responded the same way.

He had a huge blue folder with her.

“Here it is”, Ludmila said. “I don’t know why, but I decided to puzzle it off. I’ve checked his case-record from his very childhood, this folder contains everything up to now”.

“Wow!” Anna Nikolaevna and Lena jumped up curiously.

“Well done!” Anna Nikolaevna said thumbing through the folder. “We couldn’t even think about taking a deeper look into it!”

Long ago:

“All I can do is just admit him to the hospital for examination one again, but there will be no bad result. Your test results are good. Your child is healthy. And what is the reason of your regular faintness - no one would answer. I recommend you to keep regular hours, so he would eat timely and what’s more important is to have a good rest and sleep early”.

“Tell me about the last accident once again”.

“I came home and saw a broken vase on the floor; closets were open; he was lying in the corridor unconscious. I got the wind-up; brought him to senses with water and slapping his cheeks, he regained senses, but couldn’t remember anything. At home, he appears close to somebody from nowhere. Everyone is afraid of him, they ask how he got there without being noticed, he tells them how he entered the room, but for others – it didn’t happen, no one could see that. He is my child, I am not afraid of him, but for him. Please, doctor help him”.

“I can’t help him because he is fine. You might be not noticing him, while he had truly came so quiet that no one noticed. That’s nonsense, he says that he was there while no one saw him”.


How did you get used to these falling-outs, here or there… To live timeless – it must me very difficult, but how does your mind cope with it? Maybe it is just some kind of disease.

“No”, I said. “Although it doesn’t really matter”.

“I don’t like your mood”, the woman staid and as I suppose smiled.

“Yet, you appeared to be very talkative, however there is nothing more to do”, I said.

As if nothing had happened, she smiled and continued:

“When someone who doesn’t believe in life anymore and interprets it with fear of mistake, opens a small tight crack into his grot spot, and your thundering mind of ideas, egoistic but your own rules, cruelly devastate it. You crack a thin shell of daily trash in the air, which others heartily inhale, mixing it with nicotine, laughing and crying of happiness or sadness with their toothless jaws. It is difficult even for you, but somehow you manage everything to turn different, without an attempt to understand who these people are. Neither flesh nor blood nor confessions bother you, because he doesn’t believe in any confessions, that you know somehow. Who are you and why are you here? At such times as now, you doubt in your own knowledge only because you understand that you have mistaken. You know nothing! Neither who you are nor why you are here! Upon understanding that, you will face many different ways, which you choose every second, trust me”.

I’ve got tired listening to that shit, I got up and went out of the stone room, climbed down the ladder and got back to my tent at the sea. For the first time I felt emptiness and bore within. A feeling of toy thrown away. A feeling as if I was a stranger even for myself. I felt multiplied, but which one is me? Whom should I choose: this one or the other one. Only sea can explain. I made a few steps into the sea and plunged in.


“Who’s on day?”

“Eldar Ruslanovich, a chessboard and his pal chesser with his shepherd”.

“With shepherd? Did you tell him to leave the dog home?”

“That dog is waiting for him at the entrance every day. I think he understands that this area is restricted for animals”.

“I hope so”.

Philipp, turn off the kettle, it is boiling for ten minutes, make your turn, the chessboard is waiting. You will never get to my queen.

“Never is a long day, Ruslanovich. I took some gingerbread, it is in the package, fish it out”.


When I resurfaced, I thought that the sun because a small square, while sea were becoming warmer and warmer, till I felt hot. I jumped out of water onto amazingly cool sand, fell down and gazed at the sky, wherefrom big wolf’s muzzle was breathing at me. It was examining me, giving the impression that we knew each other. That’s strange feeling. Shining eyes, protruded tongue and big fangs. Saliva slowly ran down its mouth and hanged over me as big silver drop. The drop became human face, then the whole body appeared and fell on me.


“ Philipp, your dog is in the ward, again! If they smell it out, they will fire me out. Do you realize what would happen if the dog bite through a hose?” nervously said Eldar. “Get him out of here, it is hot here, and his smell…”

Philipp shouted out:

“Bad dog, Jeromy! Get out of here and wait me outside”.

The dog obediently went to the door, then passing the corridor it went outside through the opened door into summer evening with the babblement of birds, smells of flowers and fruits, and festive mood of townsfolk.

On the yard there were two nurses talking. Rose and Alena, they were smoking and discussing relations problems of everyone they knew.

“Remember that New Year? I couldn’t even imagine that it is possible to welcome the New Year in the intensive care ward”, Rose rebelled.

“What options did we have?” Alena replied.

Meanwhile, from non-tall border the dog came and lied down under their feet.

“And why is he carrying this dog. It’s wandering around freely – total insanitariness”, Rose rebelled again.

“You bet!” Alena said and patted the dog, while he licked her in reply.

“Yuck! Stop it”.

“By the way, did you found out where has your boyfriend ran back then? He was so weird”, Rose said.

“I don’t know”, Alena said. “We have never met again, we were drunk, anything could happen. Drunk or not, but you did well with that boy in glasses which Anna Nikolaevno brought there. He is her relative or son of her friend, who had no place to welcome the New Year, I don’t remember”.

“Yes, relative, I could say that by their glasses which had similar rims. It's no use crying over spilled milk. He is boring while sober, so we were seeing not for long, a year to the day, from half past eleven of one year till January 2 of the next one”.

“What a sight! There, I thought that these bedrid were looking at us”, Rose said. “Although then, they say that was because they haven’t got used to it”.


“Don’t you feel that somebody’s watching us?” woman voice said from aside.

I turned my hand and saw the redhead girl.

“I do!” I shouted in the sky loudly.

“How did it happen that you appeared from wolf’s saliva?” I shouted.

“I don’t know, I had to scramble up something, and when I saw you, I decided to climb down to avoid jumping on you”.

“Interesting”, I whispered.

“Aren’t you glad?” she said.

I didn’t answer, I just got up, made a few steps and appeared above her.

“I’m glad”, I answered.

She was dry and shining with white light, she smiled looking at me, and then whispered:

“They are right, you are amazing”.


The old man was shining of happiness and telling to an amazed woman:

“He is very amazing child, I saw him in the white room with the lamp in the middle and a tiger nearby – it’s amazing. He is not ill; do not rebuke him and have no fear. No one has enough knowledge to explain whose glance it is, neither they, nor you, nor me”.

The boy stood aside, peacefully awaiting for conclusion about health of man who heals with prayer. A few minutes later the woman came to her child, couched him and said smiling:

“Let’s go home”.


It became uncomfortable, that face seemed very familiar.

“Did I see you somewhere?” I said standing above the girl.

“We met recently, we walked over the shore”, she said continuously smiling.

“Can it be possible? I feel that you were the person who was looking at me when I sat in the pit of your fiancé, in your chess world”.

“Nope, it cannot be”, she said still smiling. “The one you talking about looked different, and survived taking the horse, which had been browsing from tables at the ball, while you had been opening something with your sword. I apologize for nearly piercing you, if it was me. Arrogant, stubborn poor fool”, after the words she began getting up.

Getting up she dusted down she gave a piercing look at me and said:

“This game has no end, even now, it is in progress, and every time someone plays me, I see everyone as foes and hate them heartily and furiously”.


“Checkmate! Ha-ha. It’s out of yours!” gladly said Philipp.

“Interesting move”, Philipp’s opponent was thinking upon the lost party.

“Which one is talking insanity? You said that he had been transferred here”, Philipp asked preparing a new party.

“Right there, in the corner, at the window”, his pal answered. “Others slightly afraid of him, but I don’t care about him, he is just lying there doing nothing else”.

It thundered behind the window and warm summer ran started beating the window, just as if someone overturned a water barrel in the sky.

“So beautiful! Let’s open the window!” Phillip got up, and came to the nearest window to open it. Fresh air rushed into the room, air filled with smell of fruit trees, flowers and ozon.


“Well, get up your highness. It is going to rain”.

“Rain?” she asked amazingly.

“Don’t you feel it?” it smells with rain and apples.

The girl said nothing; she has just got up, dusted down, so we moved to the lighthouse.

After a little while, for some reason we’ve appeared at the table of woman living at the lighthouse. We were looking in in the window hole at the horizon dividing the sky full of lightning. The kettle was boiling on the burner. The woman was pouring out tea and softly said:

“There is nothing else. Only fish and lightning. One would think – the window is open, but somehow there is feeling that the window might liberate me. My hands are covering with scale”. She was looking at her hands and huge clear tear ran down her cheek.

The girl I brought here and I kept silence. I was sorry for her and didn’t want to talk.

“Sonny, I’m not an old salt, but just a woman. I’m so wrong, I’ve lost in life, but I’m still alive as they are. Tell them they are wrong. Tell them that there is only one beacon and it’s in short supply, they have to start thinking and recalling what had been forgotten – it is of great importance. I will stay here. While the lighthouse is functional, there is hope for you, kids to find a way out”.

She closed her face with her hands and began crying.

The girl’s hand unwittingly raised and stretched to woman’s head. She began stroking her, trying to soothe her sorrow. I felt sad of that as well. We were slowly stroking her head and only this moment we noticed how frosty she was. Crying she embraced us and said:

“Yet, you are just kids; there is nothing left to do for you, but wandering across the shore”.

A morning for all:

Every shift were handed over, people were taking turns, and steps filled corridors. Millions of minds and plans were in the air of staircases, corridors and flats. Neither here nor there, nobody knew how have they appeared where they were. These strange stories coming true where they headed their minds in a remarkable manner. But stun of these strange stories passed away quiet fast. Occasionally shooting with coincidences every here and there. But stuns of these shots were passing away quiet fast as well.

For instance, before you go to sleep, try deciding that tonight you will drop down intentionally left plate, while sleeping. That you can respond smiling, but once morning you will find a broken plate in the kitchen. For them you were sleeping. But where you were for yourself?

However, it’s just a dream! People laughing at your moods, remind me chickens whose world will always stay black-and-white.

You find yourself in the guardhouse because of Walkman that makes your military-appearance contradicting with regulations. And while soldier guarding you having a smoke, ensured that you are locked, you stay there beside him looking at the night sky. Are we always right in our assurance?


It wasn’t good at all, such an endless circle – I thought and embraced them both closing my eyes. Gradually, being lost in my own minds and feelings, woman’s cry was estranging farther and farther.

Sudden and loud sound “pff” collapsed on my senses. I opened my eyes wondering and faced a horse. I stood nestling against horse head holding the bridle. I was dressed with shabby clothes of Red army officer from world war two times. I looked at the epaulets; these belonged to senior lieutenant. Around me, there were only ruins. As if nothing happened, I jumped on the horse, turned it and moved along the street while I remembered:

“Leave it alone”, I was shouting gravel-voiced, lying on the roof of the building, shooting at fascist’s plane, which was circling around two buildings. On one of these buildings I Held the line, on the second one there was my friend with machine gun, who was out of ammo and injured. The pilot knew that I would try to draw the fire upon myself, so he ignored me; he wanted to finish the machine gunner off. I was jumping, firing at the plane when it was diving back, but that was not much help. When he finished my friend off, the plane dived to me with repeated fire, which I miraculously avoided, and he flew away and never came back. Then there was only complete silence. Silently I came to my lost friend, took a letter from his pocket to deliver it to his family. I’ve buried him by very building. I gave a shot in the air and moved away. I heard the thunder of cannon far away.

I do remember how I came to a small house. Among the ruins, I entered the wooden corridor, where I found a small table and small entrance to another room. Finding this entrance, I took my pistol and moved to it. In half darkness, on the bed there was old man lying ill and a girl beside him. She held a burnt aluminum plate. She got up and happily said:

“You are alive”.

She quickly came to me and embraced me. Then jumped into the corridor, put the plate on the table and said:

“Come here, you need to eat something”, she pulled my hand and settled me down, simultaneously folding something in saucepan. I looked at her weary, but beautiful face, at her fuzzy fair hair; I knew that she was a significant other. She suddenly reached under my shirt, fumbled some medallion hanging on my neck, and said:

“It’s guarding you”.

This time I was just galloping through the stone streets of liberated Paris. It was getting dark. People I met on my way were Soviet or British soldiers or French citizens who survived the war. They were paying no attention to neither me nor burning equipment nor corpses. Arriving at some house, I decided to call at. I picketed my horse and entered the old two-storeyed house with small balconies, which were decorated with metal whips. I scaled on the second floor. There were no doors. I entered the flat, where rocks, garbage and other stuff were scattered around. I went on the balcony, sat into the rocking chair, took a cigarette and gave a smoke. Shakily, I was looking at sunset and the Eiffel Tower. Paris…

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